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The Morgan County Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: Agriculture, Family and Consumer Science, Horticulture, Livestock and 4-H Youth Development Programs.

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A soil test is the best way to check the growing potential of your garden.
You can buy the most attractive plants in the greenhouse or order the best
seeds, but they won’t produce the best results if the soil lacks the proper nutrition or
the proper qualities the soil should have.
The “routine” Garden and Landscape test will take the guess work out of your
garden’s growing potential. It will guide you in deciding which nutrients are
lacking and sometimes, more importantly, which you have too much of. Over-
fertilizing is a common gardening problem. It is not only expensive, but it may
harm your garden’s production and our environment.
CSU also enables you to have your garden retested at a discount to check on
your garden’s progress.

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